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LearnHTML - Home
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                <h1>Welcome to LearnHTML</h1>
                <p>This website is made to make it easy for people to come and learn how to write and create sites with html coding.  Going through our lessons will help people understand 
                the language and get them on their way to creating their own website. </p>
                <p>The lessons are broken down into groups on the right where you can click and learn them, or you can get started by clicking the button below and go through the lessons in our preset way.  After each lesson is a page that you can try out what you learned in the lesson and there is also a quiz to test your knowledge on what you had learned in the lesson.  After you have gone through the lessons you can click on the final exam to test your knowledge on all the lessons.</p>
                <p>So what is there to wait for? Either click a lesson on the right to go to a certain part, or click the button below to get started on lesson 1.</p>
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LearnHTML - Home

By: Alan Fishel

This was one of the first sites I created. LearnHTML came from a class project where I had to teach others the HTML and CSS languages.


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