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LearnHTML - Tutorial Page
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<title>Lesson 1: HTML Basics(cont.) :: LearnHTML</title>
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        	<h1>Lesson 1: HTML Basics (continued)</h1>
            <h2 class="titleHead">HTML semantics</h2>
            <p><strong>Semantic HTML</strong> is a way of marking up data.  HTML code is not meant to be used for looks or style.  It is meant to be used as a way to properly tag data in a document.  Like, anything that needs to stand out from the text and be highlighted, should have a &lt;strong&gt; tag.  The &lt;strong&gt; tag makes characters bold.  Anything that needs to be emphasized like an italics needs to have the &lt;em&gt; tag.</p>
            <p>Semantic HTML is not only good practice, but it is useful when done right.  It makes it easier to look back into your code and find different parts and search engines use it to crawl through all the data.  If a site is not semantically correct, search engines will pass over it and move on to the next site.  This loses traffic flow for your site.</p>
            <h2 class="titleHead">The role of the browser</h2>
            <p>When you create your HTML document, you can view it in what is called a web browser.  A <strong>web browser</strong> is what lets you view webpages and be able to see all the linked files together.  It is what you are currently using to view this page with.  There are a lot of web browsers but the main four are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.  These browsers are what web designers test their sites on.</p>  
            <p>Each browser displays sites differently.  This is because they each have a different set of rules that they follow.  Firefox, Safari, and Opera all display sites pretty similarly and have the newest features supported in HTML and CSS.  Internet Explorer on the other hand, does its own thing and you never know how well your website will look in it.</p>
            <p>As a web developer, you have to take these things into mind to try and create the best design that works well on every browser.</p>
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        	<h3>Side Note:</h3>
            <p>If you are not using Firefox, I suggest getting it. It is free and one of the best browsers out there.  Plus there are add-ons that you can install into Firefox that help you even more with web design and code.</p>
            <p><a href=''><img src='' alt='Firefox Download Button' border='0' /></a></p>
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LearnHTML - Tutorial Page

By: Alan Fishel

LearnHTML has sections for each coding language. In each section there are lessons to teach the language. Inside these lessons are detailed descriptions with images and examples to help convey what is being taught. At the end of each lesson is a place for people to try out what they learned and then take a quiz to see what they retained.


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