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LearnHTML - Try it!
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<title>Try it Out! :: LearnHTML</title>
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        	<h1>Try It Out!</h1>
            <p>Now that you have gone through the lesson, here is your chance to try out what you learned. Edit the text below and hit submit to view your work.

        <div id="right">
    <img src="../lib/images/HTML_Construction.png" width="143" height="224" alt="HTML Construction Worker" /></div><!--right-->
    <div id="try">
<!-- =====================================================================================================   The following is for the try it editor   ==========-->         
        <div id="showme">
            <div id="leftpanel">
              <form action="../showHTML.php" method="post" target="showHTMLiframe" id="showHTMLform">
                <textarea name="html" rows="30" cols="39" id="tryItBox">
Try out some Advanced Elements

&lt;abbr title="Hypertext Markup Language"&gt;HTML&lt;/abbr&gt;&lt;br /&gt;

&lt;q&gt;We are the knights who say Ni&lt;/q&gt;&lt;br /&gt;

                </textarea><br />
                <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" id="submit" />
            </div><!-- ends #leftpanel -->
            <div id="rightpanel">
                <iframe src="../showHTML.php" name="showHTMLiframe" id="showHTMLiframe"></iframe>
            </div><!-- ends #rightpanel -->
        </div><!-- ends #showme -->
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 <!-- =====================================================================================================   try it editor ends   ===============================-->         
        <div id="buttondiv">
        <p><a href="../lessons/lesson3_1.php"><img src="../lib/images/previousBtn.png" width="220" height="70" alt="previous button" /></a>
        <a href="../quizzes/quiz3.php"><img src="../lib/images/QuizBtn.png" width="220" height="70" alt="Quiz Button" /></a></p>

<div id="foot">
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LearnHTML - Try it!

By: Alan Fishel

After each lesson on LearnHTML is a place for people to try out what they learned in the lesson and experiment for themselves how the code works.


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